Support Engineer – Customer Care Specialist

Hey, we are Telsmart!

A scale-up born in 2014 and rapidly expanding, more specifically with 50% yearly on average.

What do we do?

We make telephony software, which really makes people’s life easier!

  • Worry free communication from any location, also known as flexworking 2.0. That is what we go for.
  • We do this based on our E.S.S. principle (Easy Smile Speed).

And you are?

The new voice of our company! The new voice? Yep, as our customer care specialist, you are the friendly voice that greets our customers with a warm smile over the phone. Handling incoming support calls comes to you effortlessly.


  • Don’t buy into the idea that people nowadays find making phone calls awkward; in fact, it’s your preferred mode of communication. “Allooo, alloooo!” (pun intended – already a great sneak preview of the humour level of your colleagues to be).
  • Have a genuine passion for customer experience; it’s not just a job for you—it’s in your DNA.
  • Our customers might be having a rough day, but your voice can turn it around in no time.
  • For many, you’re a top-tier enthusiast, and that enthusiasm shines through the phone.
  • Your personal motto is all about finding solutions for our customers.
  • Your calmness is infectious, even when things get hectic.
  • When it comes to tech products like switches, routers, IT networks, and cloud telephony, you’re up for the challenge!
  • Keeping things in perspective and maintaining a sense of balance comes naturally to you.

And what are you great at?

  • As a primary support agent, you excel in providing top-notch technical assistance over the phone, specializing in troubleshooting VoIP network issues, meticulous real-time documentation in our Help Desk system, and effective ticket dispatch to Support Engineers.
  • Your growth path includes becoming proficient in deploying precise solutions for end user support requests.
  • You have experience in coaching and scheduling a team.
  • You’re always striving to elevate overall operation and customer experience to a higher level structurally.
  • You will be serving as the internal point of contact for the support team,
  • drawing lessons from our reporting as we continually aim for improvement.
  • You are fluent in Dutch and French, both oral and written.
  • You are able to work in a fast moving and flexible environment.
  • You are communicative, flexible and stress resistant.
  • You are also reliable, punctual and result driven.
  • You’re are a TEAM player.

And what’s in it for you?

We have our 5 G’s in store for you.

  • Gold, A pay check which grows with your value and a company culture where people really care!
  • Genuine believe in you. Telsmart invests in people and believes 100% in every person that joins our company.
  • Growth We get the best out of you through trainings and coaching.
  • Gratitude Telsmart grows thanks to the TEAM, which you are a part of: Thank you!
  • Great colleagues (“The best colleagues ever” unfortunately doesn’t start with the letter G)

And last but not least: you will work in a flex culture where you get a lot of freedom – a growth culture

We can hardly wait to meet you! Send your CV to and we will contact you soon. Good luck!