Telephony Software that is really simple.

My TelSmart, the most user-friendly VolP Cloud telephony platform that absolutely anyone can work with.

Focus on user-friendliness
Many integrations
Raise your productivity and customer satisfaction

Fixed, via desktop or on your smartphone

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(flex) Working efficiently and without friction

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Always access to all your documentation

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Insight in data
and productivity

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Over 1500 satisfied clients across Belgium

Maximize your customer experience

Make sure you can offer speed to your customer. Your customer’s ‘customer record’ will be immediately shown on your screen when he or she calls. This way, you can help the customer quicker and thus give him or her more quality.

Performant system with more than enough possibilities and also constantly developing to be ‘on board’, correct/quick action in case of problems. In short, a satisfied customer.

Roel Neefs

KBC Insurance Agent at Slabbaert & Co Verzekeringen