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We help your business with tomorrow’s new way of working, thanks to our cloud solutions 2.0.

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We help your business with tomorrow’s new way of working, thanks to our Cloud Solutions 2.0.

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We are nominated for the Trends Gazellen 2021!

A Gazelle is a fast growing company which is an integral part of the Belgian economical landscape. They are all competitive organisations that positively impact the entrepreneural climate in their region. They are powerful sources of innovation and job creators that act as inspiring role models for other companies.


Next Generation Cloud Communications Platform

My TelSmart, the ‘most’ user-friendly cloud telephony platform on the market that truly everybody can use

Now, truly anyone in your business can easily adjust call flows or settings to quickly capitalise on changing circumstances.

Our own software platform lets us quickly integrate with your CRM or ERP software. This means you can simply click a phone number to connect with a contact. The result: ease and simplicity for your business!

How about even greater efficiency? Every incoming call comes with an on-screen pop-up with your client’s name. Answer the call to immediately open the client’s file, saving a huge amount of time for your agents.

It only takes 3 clicks to go to a dashboard with individual or organisational productivity

Thanks to our TelSmart Mobile selection, you can use your mobile phone as a landline – fully integrated with our platform, allowing you to patch a smartphone call to a colleague.

Your agents can be reached anywhere by clients and employees alike – thanks to our disruptive softphone dashboard. This lets you take calls and patch them through to your laptop in real-time communication. You can also see who is in a meeting, ill, on holiday, or on the phone at a glance.

Our E.S.S Principle:
Easy, Smile, Speed

There is a high standard that expects you to give more than what the market expects – every day. Just so you know, even we sometimes make mistakes – because we work with people who are allowed to do so.

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Over 1500 satisfied clients across Belgium

Switched to TelSmart for several months. Transition went smoothly and all our wishes have been fulfilled. After-sales service is top: the helpdesk is very accessible and we are helped quickly. Account manager also monitors the state of affairs behind the scenes.

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