Super-simple tools for super-productive employees

Seem familiar?

Our teleworking employees are often hard to reach for clients
My clients often have to wait too long for assistance
My clients often end up talking to the wrong people when they call us
It is not easy for me to make adjustments to my calling processes today
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Maximise automation in your business, simply using MyTelSmart

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+1500 businesses have improved their work efficiency using TelSmart

MyTelSmart Next Generation Cloud Telephony

We have created a telephony platform with a focus on “simplicity” for super-efficient client and employee communication. If you want to set up a flex-work culture with easy, then is a key tool.

Insight into productivity at last

It only takes 3 clicks to go to a dashboard with individual or organisational productivity. Make decisions based on your data.

Save time

Thanks to the simplicity of MyTelSmart, truly anyone can easily adjust call processes to quickly capitalise on changing circumstances.

Benchmark statistics

We offer a benchmark overview of other businesses in your industry.


Quickly and easily adjust extension names and hotkeys via MyTelsmart. No need to wait for your telecom of IT supplier.

Outstanding customer service

Thanks to the intuitive call processes, incoming calls automatically find the fastest path to your employees.

Designing the workplace

Every employee can use MyTelSmart to easily set-up and manage their extensions.

Mobile integration

Your smartphone is integrated with our cloud communication platform, turning your landline and mobile phone into a single unit. When you are at the office, you use your landline; when you are at home or elsewhere, you use your smartphone – for business calls as well. You can easily decide to call from a private or professional function. All through the mobile phone network.

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Link to various CRM & ERP systems

Click a phone number in your CRM/ERP program to place a call, or automatically open client files for incoming calls.
MyTelSmart has an extensive API that lets us link to any software. Custom integration is possible. Ask about the possibilities!

Relax, we take care of everything from A to Z

Destressing others is another of our passions. We make sure the integration of your digital solution is implemented without a hitch.

Technische pré-visit
MyTelSmart configuration and crash course
Same day installation and number porting
Post-visit from your dedicated account manager one week after installation

or call us at +32 2 888 33 00

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More than 1500 satisfied customers make awesome calls via TelSmart

We are nominated for the Trends Gazellen 2022!

A Gazelle is a fast growing company which is an integral part of the Belgian economical landscape. They are all competitive organisations that positively impact the entrepreneural climate in their region. They are powerful sources of innovation and job creators that act as inspiring role models for other companies.

A flexible telephone system that can be used tailor-made, just what we were looking for! A young passionate team full of dynamics that solves the small mistakes in no time! In short, everything that is in our DNA! Thank you for the service.

Ellen Veraghtert
Argenta Olen