Telsmart has the ambition to be the greatest provider of value on the market, and the media have noticed.

We regularly feature in the press & media – and we are proud of that. We want to share a selection of mentions on this page.

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+1500 businesses have improved their work efficiency using Telsmart

Telsmart has European ambitions with its own telecom platform

Telsmart, based in Kasterlee, Belgium, has developed its own telecommunications platform for businesses: Easy Flow. It offers businesses the possibility to not only manage incoming calls excellently, but also to register useful information. Telsmart’s ambitions for the platform are at the European level.

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How do you create a change mindset? “The first step towards change? Sleep on the other side of your bed”

Being open to change is the number one skill of and for the future, for both businesses and individuals. Telsmart – ‘provider of digital peace of mind’ for small businesses in Flanders –is on a mission that transcends digitisation and flexible working: how do you create a change mindset? CEO Rob Renders about the three basics.

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Businesses tell all: here is how to make a lasting impression as an intern

Business culture is your best basis for selection. For example, we target all of our efforts towards flexi-working: we offer everyone the option to make their own choice of where and when to do their work. As a result, there are fewer boundaries between their work and private lives. If that does not sound like your cup of tea, then it is not likely to make you happy. So take a careful look at the company’s you are considering for your internship, and see whether its values match your own.

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Podcast Living is learning – Interview with Rob Renders

This episode of our podcast, Memento21, features an interview with Rob Renders, CEO for Telsmart. Find out who Rob Renders is, what his passions are, which tools he uses to monitor the long term

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