Information regarding privacy for professional customers and their end users

Telsmart transfers the obligation to transfer following information to their end users:
Information regarding processing of end user’s personal data by Telsmart as responsible processor.
The way in which users can exercise their rights concerning their personal data.
The personal data retention period by Telsmart =>
this data will be stored for a maximum of 10 years after the company/person is no longer a Telsmart customer.
Communication traffic data is stored no longer than 24 months.

What type of personal data do we collect and how long do we keep this data?

We collect your personal data to enable usage of our services.
We also collect payment data and communication traffic.
Al this data is registered and stored for a specific period of time.

Information provided by the customer

When you become a Telsmart customer, we require certain personal data to enable usage of our solutions, such as name, first name, address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile number, date of birth, language.
This data can be collected through different channels: written through an order form, by telephone via customer service, through e-mail with one of our employees.
Each customer contact creates opportunities to collect personal data. When placing a new order, enrolling for newsletters, subscribing to the status page.
The customer always has the possibility to not provide certain data. This can however have potential consequences regarding the usage of certain products or services.

Information collected through usage of our solutions.

We also collect personal data through your usage of our solutions. When using our telecommunications platform, data is stored in your online phonebook, with your contacts, personal login credentials and e-mail.
The communication traffic consists of incoming and outgoing calls, dates, time stamps, duration and the location or destination of a communication or an internet connection.
Conversations with our customer service can also be recorded for training purposes.
We also collect data regarding the performance and speed of your network and Wi-Fi connections.

How long is your personal data being stored?

This data is stored for a maximum of 10 years after a company/person is no longer a Telsmart customer.
Data regarding your communication traffic is stored no longer than 24 months.

Where is personal data stored?

The personal data that we collect and use are stored in files of The Smart Group BVBA (Torhoutsesteenweg 236 – 8210 Zedelgem)

For which purposes is your personal data used?

Your personal data is used for several purposes. These can be technical, administrative, commercial or legal.
Personal data are used for following reasons =>

  • Delivery of ordered services/products
  • Connection with electronic communication networks of other operators
  • Invoicing
  • Customer administration
  • Complaint management
  • Researching fraud negatively impacting Telsmart, its partners of third parties
  • Quality improvement of our services and solutions
  • Internal reporting in light of improving our customer service
  • Development of new solutions
  • Market research
  • Performing legal obligations towards legal and judicial authorities

Why do we exchange personal data with third parties and who are those third parties?

It can happen that we provide your personal data to the Ombudsdienst when you raise a complaint with them.
Telsmart also has the legal obligation to provide data to government authorities in certain situations.
Furthermore, Telsmart is legally forbidden to inform you of such requests by (judicial) governments.

Who are those third parties?

Subcontractors, partners of Telsmart.
It is possible that we provide data to third parties, with whom we work together to further grow and develop Telsmart. E.g. partners that sell Telsmart services in our name and for our benefit. Or specialised companies that provide and maintain our IT services.

Secrecy of telecommunications

The content of the communication that goes over our network is strictly secret. Telsmart and its employees therefore have no right to gain knowledge of that content.
The content of conversations that go over our network, as well as your surfing content are being protected by the laws concerning the secrecy of telecommunications. This means that Telsmart and its employees are not allowed to gain knowledge of the conversation content. Telsmart has provided the required instructions and trainings to its employees to respect the secrecy of telecommunications. Conversations with our customer service can be listened into for training purposes and quality improvement.

How do we protect your personal data?

The databases where we store your personal data are maximum secured.
Telsmart took measures to secure the databases, in which your data is stored, against unrightful usage, loss or theft of your data.
Our security measures are evaluated multiple times per year and adjusted where required to continually make use of the current technologies on the market and by doing so, having the most optimal security.

Information regarding specific services and products and processing of the linked personal data.

Information provided through our website

Our website is freely available. You can be requested to provide personal data on different places on our website to make an appointment or to gain access to MyTelsmart (personal dashboard).
When visiting our website, we register information about your connection to our website and about the software and equipment that is used. This information contains IP address, time and date, browser and the pages you visit.
This data is used anonymously for statistical purposes in light of improving our website or our service in general.
When you are logged into our website through your MyTelsmart account, we can recognize you as Telsmart customer.
This way, we can personalise certain website content based on the data we collected.
It is possible that we will show products or services, which you aren’t using just yet, but we think those could be of added value to you.


Our website can contain hyperlinks to websites, which are not maintained by Telsmart. Those links are informational only. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of those websites.

Analysing the Telsmart website usage

It is possible that we use services of third parties to follow, analyse and report on the surfing behaviour of our website’s users.
For this purpose, the third party may collect anonymous data regarding your usage of our website.
Those experiences teach us how we can improve your experience.

Collecting personal data through the Telsmart website

When you complete a form to make an appointment or to order a product, personal data is collected and processed according to our privacy policy.

What are Cookies and how are they used?

Cookies allow us to recognize you as website visitor. This way, we can provide information, which is personally interesting for you. 
For more information, please check our “cookie policy” at the bottom of our website.

Telsmart as processor

Telsmart acts as processor every time one of their professional customers processes and stores the personal data of one of their own customers, using products and services provided by Telsmart.
This happens with personal data that:
The customer stores in Telsmart’s datacentres or cloud (data safety pack, security service pack, Digipack, Smartpack).
The customers enter into a tool that Telsmart puts at their disposal.
The customer provides to a Telsmart employee to prepare the configuration and activation of a service.

Other processors or sub-processors

Telsmart acts as personal data processor of its customers or their end users. Telsmart can however be assisted by sub-processors.
Telsmart retains responsibility to protect the personal data of the customer’s end users.

Professional customer end users’ rights regarding their personal data

Professional customer end users have the right at all times to view and change their personal data.
If the end user does not receive invoices from Telsmart, he needs to contact the professional customer that he does receive invoices from and he therefore is dependent upon to exercise these rights.

Additional questions about the privacy policy?

In case you have additional questions about our privacy policy, please specify your question in an e-mail to