Simple and productive flexi-work

We want to share our 6 years of expertise with you. We built this culture through trial, error, and success.

Want to start flexi-working?


Successful Flexi-work X-factors

Work anywhere

More productivity

Happier employees

Faster growth

A winning impact for your business

Let employees work from any location, easily and securely
Reduce time lost in traffic, and improve time spent on real productivity
Employees are better able to align their work to their private lives = happier employees
More loyal employees = strong team = faster business growth

What tools do you need for successful flexi-work?

A Flex-work environment is founded on 3 aspects: location, communication, and documentation.

Be certain when setting up a flexi-work structure. Flexi-work is the standard for Telsmart. We have the tools and the experience.

A solution in 3 aspects


The most easy-to-use usable communication platform on the market, for maximising your internal and external communication processes.


Secure document access from anywhere, without complex VPN applications.


Work and communication with clients and colleagues from inspirational locations anywhere.


MyTelsmart Easy flow cloud communication

My Telsmart, the most easy-to-use cloud telephony platform on the market, which anybody can use.

Quickly adjust call flows to capitalise on business circumstances

Thanks to the smart MyTS statistics display, you can easily see average client wait times or numbers of unanswered calls. This lets you make rapid adjustments to improve client service.

Our own software platform lets us quickly integrate with your CRM or ERP software. This means you can simply click a phone number to connect with a contact. The result: ease and simplicity for your business!
How about even greater efficiency? Every incoming call comes with an on-screen pop-up with your client’s name. Answer the call to immediately open the client’s file, saving a huge amount of time for your agents.

Your agents can be reached anywhere by clients and employees alike – thanks to our disruptive softphone dashboard. This lets you take calls and patch them through to your laptop in real-time communication. You can also see who is in a meeting, ill, on holiday, or on the phone at a glance.

We offer insight into the performance of other businesses in your industry.

Thanks to our Telsmart Mobile selection, you can use your mobile phone as a landline – fully integrated with our platform, allowing you to patch a smartphone call to a colleague.


Business Office Pack,
your office online

All your documents securely in the cloud.

Work together on the same documents from anywhere
Integrated with MyTelsmart
Employee calendar overview
Email, video, chat, contacts
Ultra-secure protection
flexwerken office


Your smartphone as your mobile phone and landline

Wherever you are, your business is with you.
Telsmart Mobile lets you take and patch through calls from clients and employees.

Patch through calls from your Smartphone
1 phone for a mobile and a landline number
Employee calendar overview
Mobile call traffic included in MyTelsmart productivity statistics
flexwerken mobiliteit en smartphone
getuigenis van flexwerker

I have been a happy Telsmart employee for 5 years. Being able to combine working from home with my hobbies, household activities, and social life is amazing. I keep in touch with my terrific colleagues by regularly calling and video-conferencing.
My job’s flexibility creates greater freedom and less stress. Wonderful, right?!

Telsmart employee

More than +1500 satisfied customers all over Belgium

Businesses that fail to establish an efficient flexi-culture will have tremendous difficulty with attracting talent over the coming years.

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