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Hey, we definitely don’t want to scare you off! As you can see, “work hard, play hard” is our motto because work is more than just a job for us. In addition to top performances, fun is also a priority for us. Interested in joining this crazy crew? ๐Ÿ‘‡

Employee Engagement
Award winner

Barely 1 in 5 companies is truly in the groove. What does that mean? Well, it’s about companies where people can fully connect, as if they are one with the identity and culture of the company, the brand. A top company is one where people work with passion and energy every day because they genuinely want to make a difference. The low percentage often results from a mismatch with the job or the company culture.

At Telsmart, being a team member means enjoying a unique culture where you can unfold yourself. That’s what it’s all about for us, and it stood out during the Employee Engagement Awards. In October 2022, we were honored with the award. Pretty cool, right?

3 years in a row @ Top 100
fast growing company
by Trends Gazellen

If you crave for growth, a company in full expansion is definitely something for you. And believe me, we have grand plans. No empty words, but real actions. Over the past 3 years, we have been consistently nominated as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Trends Gazellen top 100. Gazelles are companies that are skyrocketing and have a positive impact on the entrepreneurial climate in their region. Innovation, KPIs, and “job crafting” are at the heart of what we do.

4 times a year Telsmartie Time

In an international company like Telsmart, daily physical interaction among colleagues is not a given. With us, there’s the option to work flexibly from different locations. Four times a year, we organize Telsmartie Time, an event where all team members come together at our House of Happiness in Zedelgem (Belgium). During this quarterly gathering, we update each other on the developments within our organization. We foster an open culture, shining a light on key aspects such as finance, operations, marketing, development, engineering, and growth prospects. The day concludes with a pleasant lunch, snacks, and drinks at our bar.

Telsmarties Incentives

If we achieve our goals through dedication and smart actions, it’s party time! The whole company goes wild during a Telsmartie Incentive. That means an awesome trip to a beautiful destination where we all enjoy cool activities and, of course, delicious food. We love working hard but also having a lot of fun. In 2022, we all went to Split, Croatia, and our Telsmarties still talk about it with great enthusiasm.

Thriving Telsmarties

At Telsmart, ‘thrive’ is at the core. Daring to think big, being hungry, and above all, taking action. We have a passion for doing, and if something doesn’t work, we adapt and try again. To achieve this, we need people who share the same passion. Individuals who dare, think big, and aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Our people come first, and every day we work on a culture of positive feedback that promotes trust. A team cannot function well without harmony. To sustain our constant growth, we embrace the positive feedback culture. We never talk about someone behind their back, but always communicate directly with the person involved.

Our principle is guided by the 4 A-guidelines: AIME TO ASSIST – ACTIONABLE – APPRECIATE – ACCEPT.

Start of Telsmart

Since the early 2000s, Rob & Filip were active as consultants in the telecommunication sector for B2B companies. In 2014, these two driven entrepreneurs joined forces with the ambition to disrupt the traditional physical phone system and outperform major telecom companies. Nine years later, we have transformed from an unknown company into a respected brand in Belgium, and today we are a disruptive force in Europe in the field of landline telephony, thanks to our Flexy telephony software.

Why Telsmart?


The ultimate vision is to create customer ambassadors, which means constantly surprising both yourself and your customers to make both parties happy. At Telsmart, we are passionately engaged in finding ways to offer more to the customer than they expect from us. We aim to continually surprise each other and ourselves positively.


Positivity is our strategy! In every company, things can go wrong, and we aim to focus 80% of our attention on solutions and only 20% on the problem itself. When negativity comes knocking at the door, we don’t let it in. If a colleague is going through a tough time and falls into a complaining mode, we consciously strive to help that person deal with the situation in a positive way.


To play in the Champions League, we need a strong team. We strengthen each other, and we help colleagues stand up when they’ve fallen.


Everyone should always express their opinion in a respectful manner. We value candid conversations with respect for each other, where the result always takes precedence. Everyone’s voice and opinion are important.


Our people don’t need to earn trust. Everyone is trusted from day 1. We cultivate this in our organization through principles like 16/8, flexible working, unlimited leave policy, no sick notes, etc.

Who are we looking for?

Solution Mindset

You own your learning process and solve problems like itโ€™s a mindset.

A hunger to grow

You have a hunger to grow and to make a difference in the market.

Creativity is your second name

You have a deep passion for your work, and turning creative ideas into reality is your aspiration.

Winning Mindset

You are ambitious and proactive. A winning mindset is what propels you forward.

You breathe positivity

Positivity is the air you breathe, and you give yourself the freedom to think playfully and ambitiously.

Passionate about
transforming ideas

You have a passion for turning ideas into business outcomes that are game-changing.

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