Software Delivery manager

Hey, we are TelSmart!

A scale-up born in 2014 and rapidly expanding, more specifically with 20% yearly on average.

What do we do?

We make frictionless telephony software, which really create a smile on your face!

  • The most user-friendly Cloud Telephony Application on the market. That’s what we go for.
  • We do this based on our E.S.S. principle (Easy Smile Speed).

We maximize customer- and employee experience by:

  • Building a human centric company with people who are passionate about client driven outcomes!

Furthermore, we are a coaching company for our own people. We provide all our talents with proper trainings and coaching so they can thrive through the TEAM principle (Together Everyone Achieves More).

You are not allergic to top results, positivity, personal and professional growth?Then don’t stop reading!

This is your playground:

Impacting quality of life is our ultimate mission. One of the pillars how we do that is by making our Cloud telephony software so frictionless, that it puts a smile on your face.
So, it’s very important that we release consistently according to the agreed roadmap. Your job is to make sure that everyone is in line and that the roadmap will be execute… on time 🙂
You make sure that all RFC’s are been clearly explained in written text for the devs. We have big ambitions, so the software team needs to grow in line with these outcomes.
You define which profiles we need to enforce the team and you also verify the skill match of the candidates. One of our mottos is to do better every day, so you are also capable to make the software engineers better in their work every day.

As you know also, in software not everything is always working properly so our support engineers need to communicate properly to the devops team and vica versa. You are the communication bridge between them, and you make sure that bugs, issues, will be resolved in an acceptable timeframe.
We’re always aiming to create a WoW-experience with our customers. So, your job is to make sure that we deliver WoW Software Solutions J

Your X-factors

  • Hunger to deliver on-time
  • You’re a Big thinker and puts these thoughts into action
  • High standards on quality and attitude are non-negotiable.
  • You have a solution mindset
  • You can deliver yourself clean code so that you’re able to recognize quality code.
  • You are structured and organized.
  • Release and deliver are your passion.
  • You speak fluently English.
  • You are a nice person with a drive to help others.
  • Learning new skills is what you need to feel fulfilled.

And what’s in it for you?

We have our 5 G’s in store for you.

  • Gold, A pay check which grows with your value and a company culture where people really care!
  • Genuine believe in you. TelSmart invests in people and believes 100% in every person that joins our company.
  • Growth We get the best out of you through trainings and coaching.
  • Gratitude TelSmart grows thanks to the TEAM, which you are a part of: Thank you!
  • Great colleagues (“The best colleagues ever” unfortunately doesn’t start with the letter G)

And last but not least: unlimited holiday … and working when and where you want (yes, you are reading this correctly. :-))

We can hardly wait to meet you! Send your CV to and we will contact you soon. Good luck!