Smart telephony grows along with your company.

Thanks to our in-house developed communication platform, your Business telephony becomes a unique experience!


  • No more expensive telephone exchange
  • Location independent
  • No more expensive ISDN lines
  • All your offices interconnected (worldwide)
  • The power of simplicity
  • Telephony custom made
  • More telecom for a lower price


Keep your current telephone exchange and phone devices

  • Our smartbox replaces your expensive ISDN lines
  • Simple installation without interruption
  • No change
  • Cost reduction
  • Personal customer service


Telephony custom made for your company

  • Complete digital telephone exchange platform
  • Extremely advanced functionality
  • New intelligent phone devices (fixed + DECT)
  • Integration of your telephony with your CRM system
  • Calling from your PC with a simple click
  • All your offices interconnected (worldwide)
  • Unique customer service

Smart Telephony brings simplicity
and efficiency into your company!

TelSmart already helped 1000+ small and middle-sized companies digitize their telephony. Thanks to our intelligent communication platform, we help companies innovate into the digital century!


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Benefits of our Smart Telephony

  • Simplicity is key
  • No investments
  • Saving on your telephone costs
  • No significant adjustments in your office
  • All your offices interconnected (worldwide)


Smart devices

Intelligent phone devices, both fixed and mobile.
We easily integrate our fixed and mobile devices into your network.
Our multicell solution for mobile devices has enormous added value for bigger sized companies

Discover the possibilities of our devices

Simplicity and ease of use

All our solutions are created with an emphasis on simplicity.
We ensure that everyone can rapidly enjoy our products and solutions, including non-technical people.

Moving offices? Relax! We take care of everything from A to Z.

Don’t worry, we take the lead of the project and ensure that everything is followed up in detail.

  • Custom made offer.
  • Professional integration onsite by our own team.
  • Assistance to cancel your current services.
  • Excellent personal service and support.

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TelSmart already helped 1000+ small and middle-sized companies with better telecom and lower costs.

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